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Medical Data Conversion

Move your patient/client information to your new system.

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the Clinical

Archive data from old systems while maintaining easy access.

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Extract & format data customized to your specific needs.

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Move client information to your new billing system.

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About Us

We are a technical services company available to assist healthcare providers and organizations over the one time hurtle of changing software, moving and preserving access to all pertinent patient data. While you learn and use your new system, we prepare the data for import into that system and/or into a stand-alone data archive.

Contrary to popular belief, patient chart data CAN be successfully moved from one system into another. Ask us. Moving data is what we do.

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"When I moved to a healthcare group using EPIC last year I was faced with the dilemma of how to store patient data. I then discovered theClinicalArchive and found an inexpensive way to stay compliant with government requirements, keeping years' worth of data at my fingertips. I highly recommend theClinicalArchive for your PHI retention needs!"

~ Dr. Roy Bakul in California

"Everyone... really liked the simplicity of the app to access the data."

~ Jeff Meador with Texas Health Resources